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Updated:  26 May, 2023
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AdGuard Premium is cutting-edge software created to effectively get rid of traumatic commercials and improve your browsing experience. Your ad-blocking alternatives may be easily customized to satisfy your desires thanks to the massive choice of filters and programmable settings. AdGuard guarantees a flawless and hassle-free online browsing experience by doing away with intrusive advertisements. The application allows you to effortlessly cast off marketing without the need for hard technical modifications and is supported with the aid of famous browsers, including Yandex Browser and Samsung Browser. AdGuard Premium can be downloaded, mounted, and used at once to browse without being interrupted by way of ads.

Comprehensive Ad Blocking

With the whole advert blocking provided via AdGuard Premium, you may get rid of all the exceptional kinds of ads that could in any other case impede your surfing. You might also successfully save you bothersome commercials across supported browsers via turning at the right filters, guaranteeing a problem-unfastened and uninterrupted on line surfing revel in.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

By using AdGuard Premium, you may lessen the risks delivered by  shady advertisements. Advertisements often contain hidden data that could harm your statistics and security. By disabling advertisements, you lower your risk of inadvertently clicking on doubtful advertisements, protect your non-public records, and foster a safer online environment.

Elimination of Video Ads

Having to view videos for a hard and fast amount of time before being capable of bypassing them is one of the most stressful aspects of surfing. AdGuard Premium addresses this hassle by completely doing away with video advertising, enabling you to experience continuous video streaming without using up a lot of bandwidth in your tool.

User-Friendly Functionality

User friendliness was taken into consideration when designing AdGuard Premium. Users may also set up and configure their ad-blocking preferences without difficulty because of its easy and user-friendly interface. You don’t need root access or to be a professional technologist to finish this. Simply download the app, turn on the required filters, and begin taking advantage of ad-free browsing right now.

Filter List Management

Different clear-out lists are supplied by using AdGuard Premium, which determines how classified ads are banned. You may additionally guarantee green ad removal tailored to the distinct types of ads encountered while using your chosen browsers by selecting the correct clear-out listing. Most of the time, it’s strongly suggested to permit all ad types for blocking to get the most out of the app.

Whitelisting Options

A whitelist option in AdGuard Premium allows you to exclude specific websites from ad blocking. This might be helpful if you want to support certain authors by clicking on their ads or if your website relies on marketing to function well. When adding websites to the whitelist, warnings must be used, and judgments ought to be properly researched.

Optimal Device Performance

AdGuard Premium improves your browsing experience by blocking advertising and contributing to the rate optimization of your device. Ads use up internet bandwidth and can cause device lag, mainly when they are no longer Wi-Fi-related. You can preserve essential internet statistics and guarantee that your machine performs at its best with AdGuard.

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