Advanced Download Manager Mod APK pro cracked

Updated: February 1, 2023
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Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader gives you a simple downloader on your phone, and you can any file you want. At the same time, it also provide some settings where you can optimize your installation and efficiently store data. If any time you will a file through this app, the application’s algorithm will split the file into 9 parts, making data transfer up to three times faster than normal . The app will make the downloading process faster and more pleasant.

Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader gives you an excellent function that makes it possible to torrents. So, for those who frequently use this downloading manager, So this application will be completely suitable for you. And also supports you to up to 3 files with similar time. Of course, the file speed of each will decrease slowly, but not significantly. Supports you to  all types of files like, mp3, mp4 files right in your browser.

You can easily use the mod and install in you android device. Advanced Download Manager applies a peer-to-peer protocol. After downloading a file, you also become a seeder that provides the file to others who want to it. With this network, you have to files from the seeders, who is closest to your location, helping you to files faster. Provide uses two important colors including white and green, very user-friendly. You will see the layout of the interface is designed in an elegant, simple and reasonable way.