ANOTHER EDEN Mod APK unlimited chrono stones, money

Updated: February 2, 2023
4.5/5 Votes: 130,175
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4.2 and up

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Another Eden’s content revolves around the story of the brothers Aldo and Feene. The brothers were found by an old man in the forest, no one knew who their parents were. Another Eden brings you the experience of a console game. When playing Another Eden, you will accompany Aldo to fight the evil army, rescue his sister and destroy the plan of Cyrus demon. There is no automatic mode, you have to do everything yourself. Mission system and enemies are designed in-depth by the game.

Another Eden is a scrolling role-playing adventure game. Although a role-playing game, ANOTHER EDEN has a turn-based attack game, which allows you to show your ability to calculate tactics, as well as promote all the strength and combat skills you learn. Basically, your mission is to destroy the evil people that appear, continue to adventure and confront others. ANOTHER EDEN bold in the color of an anime game, from the style of setting the scene to the character. All designs are very meticulous and choose the appropriate color tones to bring beautiful frames to the players. Another Eden game is a great game like Soul of Eden.

ANOTHER EDEN have unlimited chrono stones and money for you. With this mod version you easily complete all the levels. Actually the ANOTHER EDEN is about the tragedy of Aldo and Feene brothers. Ever since birth, Aldo and Feene’s parents have discovered that the two brothers have special abilities that can endanger the entire human race. Another Eden has 3D graphics, but the gameplay style is similar to 2D graphic RPGs. Graphics, characters designed in cute Anime style with bright colors.