Basketball Battle Mod APK max level, unlimited money, gold

Updated:  4 Feb, 2023
4.2/5 Votes: 4,883

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Basketball Battle is a real sports game that puts gamers in attractive basketball games. The publisher Double Tap Software has released Basketball Battle to be able to serve players who prefer sports in general and basketball in particular. Beside the exciting gameplay, the graphics of Basketball Battle are quite comical. The players are designed like puppets but can move quite flexible and sometimes do impressive skills.

The rules of Basketball Battle are quite simple. All you need to do is put the ball into the opponent’s basket in a legal manner and at the same time prevent the opponent from throwing the ball into your basket. Basketball is a team sport but in this game there are 1v1 matches. You’ll travel around the country to compete in basketball tournaments against other players online and slowly build your reputation as one of the best players in the world. Build your very own team of basketball superstars and customize their look and kit to make them truly unique. Then take your team out to complete one at a time against your opponents. With more than 100 basketball courts to play on, you’ll find yourself continually entertained and in new environments to keep the gameplay refreshed.

when you install the mod version of that game, then you will get unlimited money and gold with everything unlocked. Basketball Battle mod APK to experience the jump, the dunk, and the full thrill of basketball madness. Then Basketball Battle APK is the game for you. The arcade-style gameplay is totally moreish and the simple yet appealing graphics make playing it feel like watching a cartoon and playing a game at the same time. You will play the role of a basketball athlete, and your goal will be to score the opponent’s basket. Download now Basketball Battle mod in your device and start Basketball battle against your friends.