Apex Legends New Season 16: News and Updates

Apex Legends New Season 16

The Battle Pass is back with new rewards to unlock. With 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetic items and new Legend skins, players have more incentives to play and climb the ranks. Players can also earn Battle Pass XP through various in-game activities, allowing them to progress through the tiers quickly.

New Legend: Horizon

A new Legend, Horizon, has been added to the roster of playable characters. She is a brilliant scientist and astro-physicist who has been stranded on the Planet for years. Horizon has the ability to manipulate gravity, which gives her the ability to launch herself into the air, reach high ledges and escape danger.

Map Changes: Olympus

The Olympus map has undergone a significant overhaul. With new structures, weapons, and loot points added, players will have to adjust their playstyle to the updated terrain. The map also includes new beauty spots and stunning vistas to admire while battling for victory.

Gameplay Changes

A series of gameplay changes have been made to enhance the overall experience for players. From improved weapon balance and adjustments to looting, to improved respawn systems, players will find the game to be more intuitive and enjoyable.

New Weapons: Mastiff Shotgun and Bocek Bow

Two new weapons have been added to the game. The Mastiff Shotgun is a powerful shotgun that delivers a devastating blow at close range. The Bocek Bow, on the other hand, is a new long-range weapon that deals significant damage from a distance. Both weapons are sure to shake up the meta and provide players with new ways to engage in combat.

Loot Changes

Loot distribution has been adjusted to provide players with a more enjoyable looting experience. With more weapons, ammunition, and healing items available, players will find it easier to gear up and be ready for combat.

Ranked Series

The Ranked Series has been overhauled and will provide players with a more competitive experience. With new ranks and divisions, players will have more opportunities to prove their skills and climb the ranks. The new system will also include seasonal rewards, making the Ranked Series even more enticing.

Quality of Life Improvements

A series of quality of life improvements have been made to the game. From improved matchmaking to better stability, players will find the game to be more smooth and enjoyable. These improvements will help players focus on the action and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Event: The Broken Ghost

A new event, “The Broken Ghost,” has been added to the game. With new challenges and rewards to unlock, players will have the opportunity to participate in a new story and uncover the mysteries of the Planet. This event is sure to provide players with a fresh and exciting experience.