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Updated:  30 May, 2023
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Lion Studios

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Over 1 million humans have downloaded Clue Hunter, a fascinating puzzle recreation created by Lion Studios, from the Google Play Store. You play a non-public investigator who has been recruited by a patron who thinks her partner may be having an affair. Finding the proof and tips that display the truth behind his acts is your obligation. Clue Hunter gives puzzle recreation enthusiasts an engaging and tough gameplay experience with a whole lot of tiers to complete and incentives to reap.

Become a Skilled Private Investigator:

You have the chance to develop your skills as a non-public detective in Clue Hunter. You will traverse numerous settings and discover the facts behind your consumer’s worries through fun gameplay. You ought to use your instinct and deductive questioning to clear up the case and acquire your prize when you consider that every degree gives an exceptional tale and set of options.

A Plethora of Challenging Levels:

There are numerous degrees in this enticing puzzle recreation for you to complete. Every degree offers a unique mission and a completely unique narrative to comply with. The sort of situations make the gaming enticing and sparkling, from exposing infidelity to thwarting a bomb plan. As you advance through the game’s more than one tier, get prepared to put your puzzle-solving prowess to the test.

Intuitive Decision-Making:

It’s not your traditional puzzle game, Clue Hunter. It desires intuitive choice-making, furthering puzzle-fixing. Each stage contains numerous alternatives; consequently, so one can select the most pleasant course of action, one has to use good judgment and appropriate judgment. Thinking attentively before appearing will save you from making a mistake when hasty selections are made.

Seek Help from Friends and Family:

Even the most astute investigators, from time to time, get bogged down by a particularly difficult case. Do no longer be alarmed; Clue Hunter affords a decision. You can ask your friends and family for assistance if you ever find yourself in a tough state of affairs. You can get the best answers and get through any demanding situation by pooling your mixed intelligence.

Immersive Cartoon Graphics:

With its attractive, cool animated film visuals, Clue Hunter transports you properly into its universe. The aesthetics of the game make the puzzles come to life, allowing you to envision and absolutely take part in the movement. The animations’ meticulous attention to detail improves the complete experience, giving gamers a visually appealing and interesting voyage.

Use Your Brainpower to Solve Complex Cases:

Clue Hunter includes complex situations as well as sincere puzzles, forcing you to use all of your cognitive abilities. You must apply vital wondering and thorough analysis in each case, whether you are disentangling the net of a dishonest partner or calming potentially lethal conditions. To resolve the complex secrets in the game, try to keep away from making snap judgments and make use of your brain.

Earn Rewards and Complete Levels:

Clue Hunter gives you the chance to complete degrees and obtain rewards as you progress through the game. You’ll get in the direction of discovering the truth and meeting the needs of your client if you successfully resolve each case and collect the desired clues. The feeling of achievement that comes from completing stages and earning awards adds any other degree of leisure to the game.

All things taken into consideration, Clue Hunter shines out as a distinct and exciting puzzle game that will help players broaden their abilities as private detectives. This recreation offers puzzle fans an engaging and mentally disturbing gaming experience with its hard tiers, shrewd selection-making, and appealing aesthetics.

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