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Clue Hunter v1.2.5 mod apk download latest version with (Unlimited Money, energy-No Ads) and everything unlocked by Find APK.
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3.9/5 Votes: 271,893
Lion Studios
June 15, 2022
4.4 and up
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Clue Hunter Mod APK (no ads-unlimited money)

Clue Hunter v1.2.5 mod apk download latest version with (Unlimited Money, energy-No Ads) and everything unlocked by Find APK. Uh oh! Your client’s husband is suspected of cheating! What are you going to do? Sniff out the clues and prove that he’s a cheater once for all and collect that bounty money.

Game Features:

Don’t get fooled

Each level presents you with multiple choices – make the right answers to catch the cheater. Wrong answers will result in misery for your client. So sad.

So many cases to solve

When you aren’t helping find cheaters and liars, you’re solving other high stakes crimes! Can you solve them all?

A fun time for everyone

Everybody can play Clue Hunter. If you get stumped – ask for help from your friends and loved ones! No shame in doing anything necessary to solve these ridiculous puzzles.

Simple and Addicting Gameplay

Once you start you will want to keep solving the different cases. The best detective game out there.

Clue Hunter is one of the latest games of Lion Studios. It still keeps the puzzle game interesting, players will be able to show their talent in investigating the case in a series of fraud cases. With many levels and challenges, Clue Hunter attracts a lot of players, although it has never been advertised before.


Clue Hunter became attracted to players thanks to a series of cases with diverse topics. It is not confined to fixed content. For example, in an affair investigation, when your boyfriend is trying to propose to your girlfriend to cover up his sins, you must help your customers by opening the window to let the light into the room. And soon, the adulterous evidence of the other guy revealed a photo taken with his new girlfriend.


Clue Hunter is designed in a pretty simple cartoon style. The game tries to recreate the context appropriate to each case. Meanwhile, the expressions of the characters are a highlight to make the experience more fun. The boyfriend will become anxious and scared when exposed to adultery, the thief will become aggressive when cornered.

If you are bored with action and role-playing games, Clue Hunter will make you feel excited. The questions are not too tough but enough to make you have to twist the brain, graphics and funny emotion of the character will make you not want to let your phone down.