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Updated:  15 Mar, 2023
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Critical Force Ltd.
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Join elite team and become a critical ops sniper. With simple controls, you need to be careful while moving and shooting. Kill your enemies with your rifle as quickly as possible and achieve a high score in this game!

Critical Ops is a post-apocalyptic zombie game. In game, players step into shoes of a military officer who feels hopeless and powerless in face of an uprising by undead horde. They must fight back through skillful shooting and careful management of resources to save humanity from extinction.

You can get global experience that combines real-time strategy and tactical combat. There in game’s 20+ units represent greatest technological advancements in military science. With more than 50 missions and campaigns featuring a variety of environments, that’s delivers an immersive experience.

The battle for ultimate domination in Critical Ops: Black Hawk Down is on. You are a SWAT team that has to beat evil robots in their technologically advanced bases while protecting innocent civilians. Enemy robots can’t be destroyed by normal bullets, so you’ll have to use hand-to-hand combat skills to destroy them. As you progress, more and more enemies will appear on battlefield to test your skills, but if you stay alert and focused then you won’t give up!

As you progress through campaign mode, there’ll be massive bosses that will test your tactics, dodging bullets and getting them into perfect position before destroying them. In addition to this, there are also scenarios with different objectives and AI bots who will disrupt your plans if they see you destroying their base because your reputation increases based on how many missions you complete without being detected. This game’s world has a lot of variety as well; islands, forest areas, industrial buildings each require completely different strategies because they’re all made differently and have unique terrain features like rivers and buildings

While in this action game that offers you a premium and realistic graphics. This game is available. In this game, you should pass through a number of levels to complete missions. Complete all levels without getting hit by enemies or running into any obstacles. While offers multiple collectible weapons so that you can create your own team of army men for maximum fighting power against enemies.

Critical Ops is latest action game from creators of Way of Samurai. An epic journey awaits you as you fight against an evil empire with state-of-the-art weapons and amazing technology.

The tactical shooter with real-time PvP battles set across various environments, including an urban jungle and a forest-filled industrial zone. An exciting new campaign mode allows players to upgrade their squad as they fight for dominance over enemy bases. Light-hearted, tactical war game that challenges you to take out your enemies with either a machine gun or sniper rifle. game will feature 30 levels/missions in 3 different difficulty levels.