Dragons: Titan Uprising Mod APK unlimited runes, money

Updated: February 2, 2023
4.3/5 Votes: 93,233
Ludia Inc.
5.1 and up

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Dragons: Titan Uprising is a roleplaying game where player creates their own custom dragon, venture out into world, and battle other dragons in a unique combat system.

Experience epic gameplay of Dragons and unleash your inner dragon. Join battle across land, sea and air to protect your island from attack with more than 50 dragons and legendary heroes from across time. Unlock new abilities using Runes; discover best weapons and armor to build your team with power-ups that help you win a battle. Become an unmatched leader in this action RPG!

Great game! Move around map, fight enemies and level up your character. Complete quests to gain experience points and upgrade your stats.

Experience epic battles and heroic adventures of Titan Uprising, a mobile game set in dragon universe of amazing creatures.

Dragons: titan uprising has elite warriors battle in a world of dragons and heroes, or be a dragon and reclaim forgotten dark covenant

Dragons & Titans is an online multiplayer game for mobiles and tablets. This game offers in-app purchases as an option. In game, you can build your dragon and battle other dragons from around world to become top of leaderboards.

RPG featuring best of anime and comic book visuals. It offers multiple ways for players to level up, including action combat, strategic combat, and RPG battles. There are a multitude of weapons, armor and gear items to discover.