Antarctica 88 Mod APK (unlimited ammo-everything-money) Download

Updated: October 29, 2022
4.6/5 Votes: 102,542
Euphoria Horror Games
4.4 and up

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Antarctica 88 is a horror action game where you live to the end. You are search in an open environment. Although from here are specific task, there are a lot of puzzles which you need to solve to discover the bad story that will only happened. You will participating in Antarctica 88 will begin their journey after waking up in a small cave in the Antarctic region. You will need discover food very fast and other necessities, especially guns, to cope with any impending dare. All the control system of Antarctica 88 is is very easy while you play some game, you easily understand all the controls of the game.

Antarctica 88 is an action arcade game for all gamers. Antarctica 88 is a special game developed by Euphoria for Android devices. Once time more, you have to immersed in a science fiction story with terrible monsters. Antarctica 88 does not have a specific end. With all the actions and selecting of the players influence the final ending. Therefore, never be personal when experiencing Antarctica 88. Because when you enter to the game, there are many monsters waiting outside to kill yoy. This game is a great horror game like Horror Show, Death Park 2 etc. So get ready for any challenging movement that await players in Antarctica 88.

Antarctica 88 MOD

With Antarctica 88 MOD owns a beautiful 3D graphics with a first-person view. Join Antarctica 88, you can feel the fear through every breath and step of the main character. The fiction world is an extremely rich responsible of all materials for game developers. Inspired by this resource Antarctica 88 is a survival game that combines adventure. Antarctica 88 MOD will be a new interesting game for gamers who love adventure action games combined. While Coming to Antarctica 88 MOd you will no longer feel boring because the graphic of the game is great. If you are still not looking for a thrilling game then Antarctica 88 will be a reasonable choice. So download Antarctica 88 for free and play it your friends