Blast Waves Mod APK (Unlimited Money-Paid) Download

Updated: October 30, 2022
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Kyle Barrett
4.1 and up

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The odds are almost always stacked against you, but the combat is so rewarding you’ll find yourself completely hooked. -PocketGamer

Blast Waves is a tactical arcade shooter where time only moves as you move, and every shot counts.

Play through the rogue-like Survival Mode as a fresh recruit. Rapidly gain new weapons and abilities while trying to make it through an intergalactic conflict.

Most troopers won’t make it. The few that do survive become permanently playable as clone squad commanders. In the auto battler-like Command Mode, players build and organize squads while fighting to last as long as possible against overwhelming odds.

Key Features:

  • Survival Mode: Build a character from the ground up across multiple battles.
  • Command Mode: Characters that make it through Survival Mode can be selected to lead squads against increasingly overwhelming odds.
  • 100s of weapons, armor types, and gadgets to unlock.
  • 6 unique biomes with destructible terrain and distinct environmental challenges.
  • Dozens of allied and enemy troop types to learn and master.
  • Skill-based joystick shooting and tap-to-target control schemes.
  • Holotags record the unique exploits of every character.