Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK (unlimited money-gems)

Updated: November 7, 2022
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You are the warden of a maximum security prison, and it’s your job to keep your inmates safe and make sure they don’t escape. Your goal is to build a thriving, profitable prison in this prison tycoon simulation game. You’ll be managing everything from food supplies to medical care, but you’ll also need to balance security with recreation, because if prisoners aren’t happy, they might decide to escape.

Building a successful prison is only half of the challenge—you’ll also need to keep your employees happy and healthy. The better-trained your staff is, the less likely they are to try to cause trouble for themselves or others in your jail. How do you train them? By making sure that all kinds of programs are available for them: academic classes (like reading and writing), physical fitness activities (like tennis), job training programs (like plumbing), religious services (like prayer circles), etcetera.

Finally, remember that it can be hard work running an effective prison—and sometimes even harder when you’re trying not to let anything slip through unnoticed or get out of hand! That’s why we’ve included tools like cameras on every level

The prison empire tycoon game is a great way to get your kids interested in business. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to give them a chance to learn about the demands of running a business, and what it takes to succeed as one. With this game, your child will be able to build their own prison, while they navigate through the various challenges that come with starting a business. They’ll learn how to run their prison like a real-life corporation, including:

Your child will be able to customize the look and feel of their prison as well as its functions, which means they can make it unique from other prisons around town. Prison Empire Tycoon is a new game about building your own prison.

You can start off with just one cell block, but as you build up your prison, you’ll unlock more cells and options for expansion. You can also use money earned from prisoners and guards to buy new items like beds and cable TV.