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Updated: November 20, 2022
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Rebel Cops v1.6 Mod — Unlimited Money

Rebel Cops opens with the scene of the town of Ripton devastated by the battles of criminal gangs. The town is under the control of criminal boss Viktor Zuev. So in Rebel Cops, Zuev, a former criminal who specializes in intimidation and extortion, seized every business, controlling all business ventures there.  But, he could not control it all. A group of “rebel police” refused to bow to Zuev. Not accepting suppression and becoming a loser, these police organized small campaigns to destroy Zuev’s facilities. Their ultimate goal is Zuev in Rebel Cops.

The characters in Rebel Cops are mostly taken from This is the Police series. But in fact, this is a completely independent game about gameplay. If you’ve never played through this series, you don’t need to worry about the plot. Rebel Cops has a classic turn-based strategy game. Further in Rebel Cops the enemy will follow a fixed route available, they will always hunt and easily find the dangers in their view. If a policeman were found in their area, the rest of them would be on alert and ready to shoot. you will see Rebel Cops quite similar to a turn-based tactical version of the legendary game Commandos. While the characters in Rebel Cops are just normal people, meaning that they are quite easy to die.


The mechanics of the game have some rather annoying points. As a police officer, you need to comply with the law. Rebel Cops restricts the direct shooting to kill like other games of the same category. Players can only use electric stun guns, baton sticks to hit the back of the neck or hold a gun and control the target. the small battlefields, Rebel Cops also offers wider locations for adventure players to explore in the sandbox style.  So it should noted that some actions and images in Rebel Cops are not suitable for children and people with weak nerves. You should consider before clicking on the link to download the MOD APK version of Rebel Cops at the end of the article.