Suspects: Mystery Mansion Mod APK (unlimited money-gems) Download

Updated: November 16, 2022
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Wildlife Studios
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The new Suspects: Mystery Mansion game is coming soon! Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a hidden object game that focuses on the ability of players to solve crimes and catch criminals. The game takes place in a mansion full of secrets and murder, where guests and detectives are trying to solve the case. Players will have to investigate clues, gather information from suspects, track down criminals and uncover the truth behind the murder before it’s too late. The new version of Suspects: Mystery Mansion contains new maps and features, including an immersive storyline with multiple endings, hidden object mini-games and other exciting adventures!

A new level of mystery, danger, and excitement awaits in Suspects: Mystery Mansion. This amazing new game will have you running through the halls of a mansion trying to find clues and solve puzzles before time runs out. You’ll be able to play as either a guest, detective or killer in this fast-paced adventure! The mansion is filled with whodunits, fake suspects and real killers who are looking for their next victim. You must use your wits to figure out who the imposter is and get him out of the house before it’s too late! Can you solve all the mysteries before they’re solved?

The perfect place to escape the stress of the outside world, to relax and unwind. A place where you can be yourself, safe in the knowledge that no one will judge you for your choices or insecurities. A place where you can let your hair down and enjoy your favorite hobbies—hiking, bird-watching, photography… whatever floats your boat! The only problem is that this mansion is a little different from the others. It’s not just a normal house on a street corner—it’s a real estate mogul’s home, complete with servants and security guards who do their best to keep everyone out.

That’s where our detectives come in: they need to figure out what’s going on before it explodes into violence. They’ll need to find evidence of murder before anyone gets hurt—or worse! And if murder truly has been committed there’ll be no shortage of suspects for them to consider: guests who arrived at the mansion late last night; an imposter who might have been posing as one of their own; or even the owner himself!

You are a detective and you have been invited to the mansion of an old friend. He tells you that he needs your help to find his lost niece and nephew who disappeared in the mansion after they went there with their parents. The last time anyone saw them was when they went in the mansion, but now they don’t come out again. The only thing that makes sense is that there must be something dangerous inside the mansion since it has been sealed off for years now. You need to search it thoroughly and try to find out what happened to those children.