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Updated: January 31, 2023
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Nix Hydra

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Welcome to Fictif, From here You’ve found a stunning collection of interactive, inclusive visual novels where you make own decisions as you want. The Arcana is a good game like Fictif game. Enjoy Fictif game with exciting, adventure filled episodes full of romance and mystery, you choose your own story. Your decisions change the path you take and the story you experience. So if you love this game an want to enjoy more, then now fictis mod apk for free.

  • TWO AGAINST THE WORLD – When you join Fictif, as soon as you step inside the theater, you find yourself literally transport into a 1920’s Gatsby Era with a gorgeous gangster that offers you adventure and the love you always wanted. Can the glitz and glamour, and the arms of a loving man win you over?
  • LAST LEGACY – You are magically transport to a fantasy land full of new characters and dangerous places. In fictif join a group of elite warriors as you try to save the world and find your way home, and who knows, may you will also find love along the way – who will you choose to follow?
  • ROADKILL – When wishes come true, it can lead to bliss, or in this case disaster. In Fictif you will kill a monster apocalypse threatens to destroy the world, you have your chance to find true love. Road trip across the country with your friends to live out your dreams by any means possible.
  • HEIR TO LOVE & LIES – However, Mysterious of Fictif circumstances surround the death of your grandmother. As you start to uncover the truth, you, as the sole heir to her fortune are threaten. While and need to decide who you can trust. A charming lawyer, a seductive cop, or a smoldering laborer. Will one of these people turn out to the killer or will you find your true love?