Game of Sultans Mod APK

Game of Sultans v3.1.01 mod apk download with (Unlimited Money, Diamonds) and everything unlocked. Now enjoy latest version by Find APK. The thrilling game, Game of Sultans, is calling. Step into the Topkapi Palace and revive the glory of the Ottoman Empire! Starting as a Sultan, you will rule your empire served by famed viziers, fight for the winner of the Union War with allies, and conquer the human world! Game of Sultans, players will be role-playing and live a life like a true Sultans. Perhaps you imagine a story about military strategies, political intrigue and how to manage the country as well as the army of a king to do. In the Game of Sultans, players will be role-playing and live a life like a true Sultans. Game of Sultans has a beautiful 3D graphics. The Game of Sultans is a role playing gameplay.

Game of Sultans Features

Rule Your Empire

Game of Sultans, every single issue of the economy, agriculture, military, and diplomatic relations is within your command, just as in real life.

Recruit Famed Viziers

You can choose from those renowned talents in history and build up a powerful troop for victory in Game of Sultans.

Conquer the World

It is the best time. It is your time. The legend of the Ottoman Empire has you as the hero in Game of Sultans.

Find Your Companions

In Game of Sultans Romance never stops. Travel across the empire and encounter your beloved ones.

Raise Your Heirs

You can enjoy the happiness of being parents. Take care of your children from the first day they are born until they grow up and get married.

Feast for Eyes

Dress up with a dazzling collection of costumes, armors, and avatars. Unlock the limited editions to make you stand out in Game of Sultans.


Summon allies to fight in Union War, War of Supremacy, and other large-scale combats. Unleash your mighty power across the land.