Hero Park Mod APK unlimited gems, money, diamonds

Updated: February 1, 2023
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Welcome to Hero Park game, a place where magical unicorns attract heroes into your town for their own little adventure. This is the story of you, your unicorn and a treasury full of gold! There are several ways to increase the chance of training. It is especially helpful if the hero of Hero Park has bought an experience potion (yellow potion) beforehand. The chance of training is also increased if the hero can defeat a high level monster or defeats several monsters. Make Hero Park what it used to be: the most magnificent town in the kingdom!

Hero Park is a Tycoon game for players to experience the process of operating an adventure town in a Fantasy world. In this game, the player becomes a retired soldier and returns to his homeland after the destruction of monsters. Five years after the Great War, the old war Hero Park and his faithful unicorn return to their home town and find that not a stone is left standing on another. All the Hero Park town is empty and the once glorious dungeons are now abandoned. The decision is clear: the town must be rebuilt, new monsters bred and the dungeons populated again.

Hero Park Mod (Unlimited Money) – With this mod you get unlimited all. The hero of Hero Park wants to be blessed after having his suffering (e.g. diseases caused by undead monsters) treated in the temple. The different blessings are only valid for certain races. So in the beginning of Hero Park only one blessing is available for elves and it can be helpful to attract as many elves as possible to the village, Download and try the mod.