Hide My Test Mod APK unlimited hints, money

Updated:  4 Feb, 2023
4.3/5 Votes: 56,952
Eureka Studio

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It’s a funny action puzzle game that lets you relieve your student moments. In every stage, you must think hard on where to hide your test results from your mother! This is a fun and exciting puzzle game that prompts you to be creative and an outside of the box thinker. Use different items, scenarios and people to your advantage! Can you hide your test results from your mother?

You play the life of a funny student that always fails his tests. In this funny action-puzzle game, you must think of a way to hide the test result from your mother in every stage. Each stage presents unique scenarios, objects and people that you can interact with. But the one thing that stays constant is your failed test results! You must then do everything you can to hide it even if it means sending it to the postman, putting it under the bed and more just to avoid getting spanked. You must be clever so that your test won’t be easily discovered.

Find a safe place to HIDE the test result from mom!
Maybe hide it in the toilet? or the bathtub!
Come on and hide your test from mom!