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Updated: February 2, 2023
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LingoDeer - Learn Languages Apps
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LingoDeer is best application if you want to learn a new language, such as Japanese, French, Spanish or Korean etc. So try LingoDeer. While LingoDeer offers courses for English Speakers. Further you can easily learn multi languages in single application like Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish or Chinese etc. Duolingo and Busuu both are best applications for foreign language learning.

  • With LingoDeer learn to read and write a language with a unique alphabet system, such as Korean or Japanese.
  • You will learn to form sentences in your own words by following a structured course.
  • Further you will also learn the essential vocabulary and grammar from beginner to intermediate levels (A1-B1).
  • So you need to improve listening and improve pronunciation with HD recordings by native speakers.
  • There is reinforce learning with various review activities: flashcards, quizzes, target trainings and more
  • One of best feature of LingoDeer is you can track your progress and statistics and lessons to learn offline.
  • Instead of relying on users to figure things out, LingoDeer offers a structured, clear and motivating path toward fluency.
  • By providing the best structured curricula among apps and clear explanations on grammar. While LingoDeer enables users to form sentences in their own words, not just memorize and repeat after a phrasebook.