MONOPOLY Mod APK v1.8.0 (unlimited money, all unlocked)

Updated:  5 Feb, 2023
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Monopoly is a board game in which players roll three dice and move along a property track. Goal is to be first player to own all property from Start to Goal Property spaces. Your goal is to buy properties and put them on board in order to achieve a situation. You can pay on 1-10 millions or even more and win millions of dollars when you are in a monopoly situation.

The fiscal and personal achievement as players devise strategies and negotiate deals to buy, sell and trade skyscrapers, hotels and money. All in an effort to become most affluent. That lets you pit your wits against some of most famous characters in history. It’s a fun way to learn while you play. Rules are simple – buy, sell, and trade property across town to build an empire before your rivals do!

The classic board game is now available for Android devices. Play with your friends and family anywhere, anytime with this FREE version of classic board game! MONOPOLY is a classic property trading game that has become a household name. With this Game for Android, players can now experience same fun and excitement anywhere they go. This version features simplified gameplay while maintaining all of original rules and features.

The classic game is now available for FREE on Google Play, in a crisp HD layout with all property types. Experience thrill and excitement. Playopoly offers two ways to play! – classic game as most know it, where you build hotels and go through auctions to buy properties and set rents and fees. – Advanced AI which surprises you with different ways to play each time you start a new game

Finally! You can take control of your own property empire and build beautiful houses, hotels, and apartments. Best version yet. You will appreciate how easy it is when you play this version vs classic board game.

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