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Updated:  7 Feb, 2023
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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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November 20, 2022
5.0 and up

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My Sweet Stalker is literally a simulation game. You are a computer geek who finds fulfillment in your anonymous online advice network. Until you offer advice to the wrong girl. Things quickly escalate and even though you block her, she somehow figures out your true identity. My Sweet Stalker is a great dating game for those who are wondering in front of the door of love. The drama and story that the My Sweet Staler builds should not make you falter because of the loss of trust. But on the contrary, it is the fierceness of the female characters that makes you quickly realize

You are the main character in My Sweet Stalker, also the only guy in the game. In My Sweet Stalker, you are a student with a particular passion for computers, working part time. Manipulation in the game is almost just reading, listening to the dialogue, thinking, choosing the answer. the biggest thing I draw from this My Sweet Stalker is that freedom in love is what creates and nurtures love. Character styling in My Sweet Stalker is impeccable. Our three girls are full of adjectives: docile, cute, pretty, fragile, feminine, seductive, sexy and special. The music of My Sweet Stalker is very suitable for each scene, helping to increase the emotions of each character’s situation.

Your cheerful childhood friend who stands with you through everything. In My Sweet Stalker, Mei is the only one that knows about your anonymous advice network and has sworn to keep it a secret. But everything unravels when Mei becomes the target of your stalkers’ love-driven rage. Will you protect Mei from danger, or is there more to Mei than she’s letting on?

The quiet, emotionally distant member of your computer club. Ironically, she joins shortly after you gave advice to a girl with similar issues. Ever since joining, Shiki has been very sweet to you and you love being around her, even if she’s difficult to read. After she becomes the next target of your stalker, she’s determined to go into hiding with you. Will you do what it takes to keep her safe, or should you look out for your own safety instead?

An attractive detective with a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue, who also happens to be Shiki’s older sister. You hire her after things with your stalker begin to take a turn for the worse. At first it seems impossible to uncover who your stalker is with Tatsumi’s stubborn approach, but you soon realize she may be a bit closer to this case than you originally thought. Will you do what it takes to work with her and crack the case? Or will Tatsumi be the one that cracks first?