Pocket Ants Mod APK

Pocket Ants v0.0661 mod apk download with (Unlimited Money, Gems, resources Honeydew) and everything unlocked. Now enjoy latest version. Pocket Ants has attracted more than 1 million hits from all over the world. Currently, this game is completely free to download. Pocket Ants have a special aphid from which you can collect honey. After building the nest, leading the army to capture the fire ant’s base. One trick that will help you win quickly is to defeat the red ant queen first. Without a leader, the army of red ants will lose direction and lose quickly.

Pocket Ants is a strategy game, this game have level system available. However, instead of setting up an effective strategy to command an army like in other games, you will become a manager, helping the queen build a base with your subjects. As a manager in Pocket Ants, your task is to manage your subjects to build a strong base. You need to send worker-ants out of the nest to collect resources, build rooms in the nest. Honeydew is considered a form of currency in Pocket Ants. You can use them to exchange items in the store. Pocket Ants opens up a world of seemingly small but extremely complex and vast. Not only is it entertainment, but this game also helps us to have a more intuitive and vivid view of the ant’s lifestyle and activities.

Pocket Ants MOD

The Pocket Ants Mod have a lot of honeydew and unlimited money, gems and all of special resources unlocked in mod version. This mod will help you to unlocked are win all the levels very very easily. To be able to win in Pocket Ants, you need the mod version of Pocket Ants Mod APK and also an army of powerful ants and good combat. Besides the creatures outside the nest, your army of ants will have to face the ant nests controlled by other players. So quickly download Pocket Ants Mod APK for free in you mobile by Find APK.