Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK unlimited candles

Updated: February 2, 2023
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It’s visually stunning and full of fantastic elements, which are designed to create a brilliant atmosphere and immerse you in a magical world.

Sky: Children of Light game with beautiful visuals, amazing gameplay, and more than 4 hours’ worth of gameplay, this game is sure to keep you entertained beyond release date.

That simulates play and development of children in childcare centers. It is a simulation, and does not have a fixed time to complete. This protagonist who learns through both training and learning skills needed to raise, explore and fight in a fantasy world. Hence main objective is to obtain most points by completing various activities such as fight against monsters, commissioning missions and learning skills needed to conquer adventures.

Sky: Children of Light is an adventure game with RPG elements. In this story, you will find yourself in midst of a war between two villages in which you will play as a young knight who has to rescue his sister from clutches of bad guys. This dauntless teenager will have to fight against multiple enemies including skeletons, dragons and more!

Discover secrets of an ancient civilization, learn origins of dragons and elves, and prepare to be transported to a fantastic new world. As you progress through your journey will lead you through breathtaking environments based on real-life locations.

Guide our hero through jungles and cities as he leaps from buildings, fights his way past obstacles and saves you from falling to his death. Utilize a special angle to earn highest score possible and unlock hidden secrets that will help you pass each test

Lead your people to victory claim your place in legend. In latest chapter of Sky saga, you become agent of Aurbis and face a new threat: forgotten god Eldo. Guide his heir down through time to freedom and redemption in this gripping adventure game.