Stick War: Legacy Mod APK unlimited gems, gold, 999 army

Updated: February 2, 2023
4.5/5 Votes: 1,863,425
Max Games Studios
4.1 and up

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Do you love thrilling experience of a good stick fight? And want to be able to play with friends or family, even if not in same room? Stick War: Legacy brings together all of your favorite aspects of a classic stick-fighting and more. Play this one-on-one or with up to four players, and don’t need any special equipment or software devices—just a computer with an Internet connection (or perhaps a friend who has one).

Get multiple modes available: unlockable missions, battle mode, versus mode and even training mode! And with over 50 weapons in total to choose from (each with own unique pros and cons), something for everyone. This is a unique game that will take on a journey through each years. Each is played on a board of hexagonal tiles representing different locations in world, and goal is to capture all of other players’ pieces.

Start with only three tokens: one token representing characters, one token representing home base, and one token representing life energy. Use these tokens to move around board and attack other players’ bases. While this game ends when one player has captured all opponents’ tokens—or if there are no more moves left after everyone has exhausted moves—and then they win!

Stick War: Legacy is a turn-based strategy game where playing as either a king or queen in Kingdom of [name]. So choose to take on one of six different castles and complete missions (which involve collecting coins, winning battles, and more), or just wander around world and earn coins by completing quests. There are no levels or upgrades—literally stuck at current level forever, no reason to try to grind for more money or power up castle. Only thing that changes is which castle playing in and how much time spending at it each day.

Controls are simple enough: tap where you want character to go, then drag finger along the screen to move them around. Also hold down on screen if want to stay still while look around their surroundings (or just watch them walk!). And automatically pause when an enemy attacks or if no movement left in turn; once that happens, tap on screen again to continue playing! This game that combines real-time strategy, tower defense, and a unique twist on classic stick figure.